Friday, November 14, 2008

Bertie County Patriot
Comes To An End

With this posting the Bertie County Patriot will no longer be an active blog. I will leave the website up as an archive, but all future posts from Bertie County or Windsor will be made on the Chowan River Patriot. The Chowan River Patriot will be the sole surviving Community Service Patriot Blog.

Two postings that previously would have been made here will go up shortly on the Chowan River Patriot instead.

One is the announcement of this year's FINAL Friday Night for the Fall Season of the Seagull Cafe in Colerain. This has been a great addition to the Seagull Cafe tradition.

The second article is coverage of the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Perrytown Fire Station, and their announcement of the annual Perrytown Herring Dinner next Friday at 4:00 PM. This is a huge tradition in this area. Check it out by clicking on the title above.

Ending the Bertie County Patriot is a very sad day for me.

Have a great day.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Colerain's Famous Seagull Cafe
Fall Season Starts Wednesday

The Seagull Cafe will open Wednesday for their traditional Fall Season. The hours of operation are (as usual) from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM. The Seagull is only open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Perry-Wynns Fish Company, Inc.

Here is the staff getting ready for a great new season of fish lunches.

Last year the crowd was standing room only within minutes of the doors opening.

The Seagull always specializes in Fresh
Herring when available.

Herring Plate

My Personal Favorite Dishes, Oysters and Shrimp

The Seagull Cafe is a favorite place for farmers and workers in the area, as it has been for many years. It is famous, and there are a couple of rich developers who always fly in on their helicopters to eat every year. Now that is an endorsement, when someone flys in from Virginia to eat at a place this far off the beaten trail.

Barry Knight's Transportation For His Regular Visits
To The Seagull Cafe In Colerain

The view from the Seagull always shows the Chowan River at its best. The small Cafe is located by the river near the end of River Road, close to the Colerain Beach Club.

Don't miss this unique dining experience!

The Seagull Cafe is affiliated with Perry-Wynns Fish Company, Inc.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rotary Learns About Stress

Ron Freeman gave an excellent presentation on Stress, and how to alleviate it, at yesterdays Windsor Rotary meeting.

Ron was thanked with the standard cobalt blue Rotary Cup with gold seal and lettering by Collins Cooper (below right), Rotary President.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Boy Scouts And Joint Health
- Lessons For Young And Old

The Windsor Rotary heard two great presentations today. The first was from Lucy Grist (below), District Executive for the East Carolina Council Boy Scouts of America. She spoke about a great event coming up where Boy Scouts will be taught the proper disposal of the flag of the United States of America. Lucy brought with her a very old flag that is one of the flags to be disposed of at the event. (Check back and details will be posted for all scouts who want to attend.)

The second speaker for this day was Jock Scarsborough, PhD (below). Jock spoke on joint health, knees, ankles etc. He provided some great information about health supplements that will help us deal with this common problem when we age.

Collins Cooper (below left) presented the traditional cobalt blue coffee mug with gold Rotary seal to thank the speakers for their efforts. Shown here (below right), Jock Scarsborough.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Windsor Chamber Press Release

The Liverman Park and Zoo, Windsor/Bertie County Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Windsor are happy to announce our newest member of our zoo family, our new baby buffalo.

Please come by the zoo on York Street and see the proud Mamma buffalo with her little one . . . and the rest of our animals.

If you have any questions, please contact Collins Cooper, Executive Director of the Windsor/Bertie County Chamber of Commerce by phone at (252) 794-4277, or by email at

Friday, August 29, 2008

Building Bridges For Our Kids

A bridge is defined as any structure built for the purpose of providing passage over an obstacle. In short, it is a way to bring things together. Historically, three bridges have connected Bertie County to the rest of the world. They are the Roanoke, Chowan, and Three Rivers bridges.

On Thursday night August 28th, a host of nearly 200 visionaries joined to celebrate the opening of our fourth and newest bridge, the bridge to excellence. This bridge is built on the strengths of our diversity and this bridge will harness the enthusiasm and knowledge of the people of Bertie County. The newest bridge is about connecting together to make education, our quality of life, and our economic vitality the best they can be.

The privately sponsored event was hosted by the Windsor Bertie County Chamber of Commerce, Bertie County PeanutsPowell and Stokes, the NC Northeast Commission, NC’s NE Alliance for Agricultural Biology, Purdue Farms Incorporated and the Windsor Cook Club. These visionary institutions wanted to spread the word about the dramatic and exciting choices being opened for our kids, so they joined our business, civic, agricultural, governmental, educational and religious leaders in Bertie County at “Building Bridges to Excellence."

The event was held at Southwestern, site of the New Early College programs that allow Bertie County kids to get a head start in life by graduating from high school with their first two years of college behind them. The evening focused on two unique programs, the Shaw University Cadet Program and the Bertie School of Agri-Science.

Farming and farm related industries and businesses account for a greater percentage of revenue in Bertie County than any other county in North Carolina … and they need high tech employees. The greatest challenge our small county schools face is attracting good teachers who like the local lifestyle so we can retain their services. These two great programs are a huge step forward for our kids in overcoming these challenges to create great careers

The organizing committee volunteers, led by John and Cindy Davis and Nancy Joyner, spruced up the gym at Southwestern for an exhibit hall of booths explaining the programs happening in our county, and a dinner hall for some great speeches. (Above) Nancy Garrett Adams is shown with the flowers she provided to enhance the lobby entrance. The goal was to make sure that this was a community effort and not spend money intended for our kids. The community stepped up in a big way. The sign shown (above right) was provided by NC's Northeast Commission. It was a special evening.

This included keynote speeches by Dr. C.G. Newsome and Norris Tolson. The event started with a reception while people visited the booths set up, explaining many of the schools current and planned programs for our kids, followed by dinner.

The first guest to arrive this evening was Benjie Forrest (above right). This seems appropriate since it was conversations with Benjie which originally triggered the idea for the new Agri-Science school portion of the Early College High School. He was met by one of the Shaw Academy Cadets, Jarvis Bell (above left) and Collins Cooper (behind table on right), Executive Director of the Windsor - Bertie County Chamber of Commerce.

Second guest to arrive was Vann Rogerson (facing table above) of the NC Northeast Commission, one of the evening's sponsors. He is greeted by two of the Shaw Academy Cadets. Following are pictures showing what the Southwestern facility looked like as guests arrived.

Dr. Chip Zullinger
, Bertie County Superintendent of Schools, and the two keynote speakers, Dr. C.G. Newsome, President of Shaw University, and Norris Tolson, President of NC Bio-technology Center, were there greeting guests and welcoming people.

Dr. Chip Zullinger (above left) greets Bertha Angel (above center) and Charles Angel (above right).

Dr. C.G. Newsome (above left) greets Ron Wesson (above right).

Norris Tolson (above left) greets Mary Peele (above center) and Dr. David Peele (above right).

The crowd was huge by Bertie County standards, with nearly 200 community leaders present to hear what was happening for our kids.

The activities were initiated by Dr. Chip Zullinger (above) introducing Rickey Freeman (below), Chairman of the Bertie County Board of Education, who led us in the invocation to start the meal.

After the meal, Dr. Zullinger welcomed everyone and gave some perspective to the evening with a couple of stories, and some thoughts about his dreams for our kids.

First presentation of the evening was given by Carol Atkins (above), Director for Educational Programs for Bertie County. Carol talked about the positive impacts a great teacher can have and the significant problems currently caused by excessive teacher turnover. The Shaw Cadet program brings university professors to Bertie to provide a four year degree for homegrown students who attend college in Bertie and teach here after graduation. These students understand the area’s culture and challenges and love the rural quality of life and they will be great mentors for the future. However, this program not only helps address our quality teacher availability issue, it makes possible the university setting (early college) through which any Bertie student can get university level instruction free of charge and without leaving Bertie County. The Shaw Cadet Program will improve education, quality of life, and the economic base of Bertie County. Already this visionary program is attracting state and regional interest and soon it may be the model for university and k-12 partnerships throughout the country, BUT IT STARTED FIRST IN BERTIE COUNTY, thanks to visionary educational leadership that works every day in building bridges.

One of the highlights of the evening was when Carol completed her comments by introducing the Shaw Cadets, the first class of the new Shaw University Campus in Bertie. (Shown above left to right) Kelly Cummings, Shaterri Palmer, Jasmine Cowin, Marvin Outlaw, (Carol Atkins at podium), Doug Jernigan, Sheriqueenma Artis, Kevin Cooper and Jarvis Bell.

The next presentation was by William Peele, III (above) principal of the new Freshman Academy, a special program designed to reduce the frustrations felt by many first year high school students at the dramatic change in school atmosphere when they enter high school. This transition of leaving middle school and starting high school is traumatic for almost all students. It is said that we "lose" most of our dropouts in this first year, even if they actually don't leave until later in the high school process.

The next presentation was made by Constance Richardson, Bertie County Director of Federal Programs, who explained the fantastic success of the C.G. White, "More at Four" Pre-School, and their hopes and dreams for the second facility at Askewville to reduce the long drive for many of these very young children.

Glenwood Mitchell (above), Principal of the Science, technology,Engineering and Mathematics School made the next presentation, talking about the huge opportunities this school provides for those kids in Bertie County who wish science, math and engineering careers.

The next two presentation were about the Agri-Science School of the Southwestern Early College High School. Introductory remarks were by Bobby Occena (above right), Principal of the new school.

This is the first school of its kind in North Carolina and the first nationwide calling a minority based area home. Agri-Science and Biotech industries are one of the fastest growing career paths in the United States and this partnership will bring six world class research laboratories to the Southwestern school site. In addition to state of the art “hot house” programs, these labs will include a biodiesel project that can be used as a catalyst to develop an alternative fuel industry here in Bertie County. Our kid’s educational opportunities will skyrocket and the opportunities for economic development built around this infrastructure are only limited by our vision and actions.

Bobby introduced the first teacher recruited for the new school, James Guard (above left and below), North Carolina's Outstanding Agriculture Teacher of the Year, who is also President of FFA North Carolina.

James Guard is the kind of top rank, impressive individual our new school administration headed by Dr. Chip Zullinger is seeking . . . and finding . . . to assure Bertie County kids have a great future.

Benjie Forrest (above), Eastern Regional Agricultural Coordinator for NC State, as noted above, is the man whose conversations with Dr. Chip Zullinger ultimately led to the new school. Benjie talked about his work at the Vernon James Center, and the dreams he had of helping make this new school something that will really make a difference in the careers of our kids, and the future of our area.

At this point, John Chafee (above), Director of the Eastern Office of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center introduced the first of the two keynote speakers, Norris Tolson (below), President and CEO of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

Norris gave an inspirational speech about the future of Agri-Science and biotechnology in North Carolina. He also spoke enthusiastically about the leading edge role Bertie County is playing in this exciting effort.

One of the Shaw Academy Cadets, Marvin Outlaw, was chosen to sing the song "Wind Beneath my Wings", alluding to the role parents and adults in our county need to fulfill in giving these kids the chance for greatness in life that can lead to great careers. Another, Jarvis Bell (above), was chosen to introduce our second keynote speaker, Dr. C.G. Newsome (below), President of Shaw University.

Dr. Newsome's speech was an inspirational close to the evening. He spoke of growing up in Hertford County next door, the times he competed in athletic events at Bertie County High School, the aunt that taught and retired from Southwestern School, the history and tradition that is being rekindled by re-opening this great facility, and the love for kids who are starting their carreers by attaining a degree from a University that created as a spinoff so many of the great colleges and universities of North Carolina. He went down this impressive list.

The two keynote speeches put into perspective just how exciting this time is in Bertie County history.

Ron Wesson (above), closed the evening with an invitation for any in our community who share the vision, or have another vision to offer our kids, to take a look at what is happening, and get involved in helping us to provide a great future for Bertie County kids.

The organizing committee for the event was Ollie Bond, Collins Cooper, John Davis, Buneva Everett, Charles M. Harden, James T. Heckstall, Nancy Joyner, David Peele and Ronald Wesson. Many thanks to all the hard work involved in what was a very successful evening.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Richmond Road Trip

Bill and Jessie Hazelgrove recently moved from Windsor back to Richmond Virginia to be close to their family and new grand kids.

I had not seen their new Richmond Condo, so we took the opportunity of a visit by my brother to go visit and see how they were doing. Bill sits in his favorite chair by the fire place (above).

My Mom, Nancy Garrett Adams (above left), and Jessie (above right) are first cousins who grew up here in Bertie County and they always have a lot to talk about.

Their new condo is smaller than the home they had here in Windsor, but it is really beautiful. The porch on the back is up in the trees, and their bird feeders are getting a constant stream of visitors.

It was a great visit.